Event Planning – Myths and Reality

Professional event management is a service which is becoming more and more popular, and has recently started to receive the recognition it deserves.

Myths about event planning:

1. Organizing events is easy

Event planning requires a lot of hard work. There are tons of tasks that you have to finish quickly, which is a very responsible job.

Underperforming can cost you the success of the event. And because event management operates by word of mouth, it is absolutely necessary for event managers to ensure the unconditional success of every event.

This obviously requires profound analysis, dedicated work, and perfect execution. Doesn’t sound so easy now, does it?

2. Organizing events is chic

Yes, event managers should look presentable. This is a part of their job, but not all of it.

The challenge in this field of work is to be able to communicate with all kinds of people, while tackling a demanding workload. You often spend more than 17 hours on your feet, but you can’t let the fatigue show. You need to demonstrate elegance, energy, and enthusiasm at all times.

3. Hiring a firm to organize your event makes it more expensive

Simply said, that’s not true. Event managers are in fact those wizards who can organize a five-star event for the price of a three-star one.

Event managers will save you a lot of expenses, as their job begins with coordinating the event with your budget. They are the ones constantly keeping your spending in check. Emptying your pockets is not a part of their job, optimizing your expenses is. The good event manager will offer you the most appropriate and at the same time effective, financial solutions.

4. You don’t need a professional firm to organize events

Organizing an event requires a lot of time and effort, from choosing a location for the event to creating the invites, deciding on the assortment and quantity of the food, decorations, daily program, coffee breaks, and numerous other details.

Your role is most often representative. You are in charge of the scientific program, or you are the host of an international congress. The firm organizing the event is the one taking care of the logistical support, so that you don’t have to put together hundreds of bags for the delegates or meet the international guests at the airport at night. Instead, you will have the time and energy to successfully complete your representative duties.

5. You need professional event organizers only for big events

Events with hundreds or thousands of participants definitely need professionals.

Nonetheless, if you want your 30-people conference or your congress for 80 participants to turn into a truly unique experience on a high level and inside the foreseen budget, you will be able to achieve that only if you hire a professional event organizer. You’ll know the difference.

Professional event management is a service that becomes increasingly popular, and is starting to receive the recognition it deserves.


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