Choice of location when organizing an event – sea or mountain

Organising conferences and congresses is incredibly challenging, whether it's a seminar with a small number of delegates or a multi-day conference. One of these challenges is choosing a location for the event.  

When it comes to choosing the perfect conference venue, the decision often comes down to two scenic options: a coastal retreat or a mountain hideaway. Each environment offers a unique set of benefits and considerations that can significantly impact the overall experience.

Conference location matters because attendees don’t spend their days in hotel rooms and convention centers alone. Scientists and doctors who attend scientific conferences and congresses receive many invitations to events, so the location of the conference is one of the considerations that determine which one they would attend.  If they are only interested in the scientific programme, they can usually join virtually, but in most cases professionals want to make the most of their working trips, exchange knowledge with colleagues from around the world, gain more experience in their field and new experiences.

Choosing a conference venue, on the beach or in the mountains, depends on a variety of factors, including the goals of the conference, the preferences of the attendees, and the type of experience you want to create. Both options have their advantages, so the choice is in line with the idea of the event.

The Mountain:

Meetings held in the mountains bring unexpected benefits. These types of meetings create more friendship among participants, as well as additional opportunities for networking and shared experiences.

Fresh air and memorable natural surroundings often lead to fresh thinking and, as a result, exciting new ideas. It has been observed that meetings in the mountains can generate a more relaxed atmosphere, which often leads to improved personal and working relationships when everyone returns to work. The mountainous landscape offers a quiet and peaceful backdrop that encourages deep concentration. The lack of urban distractions creates an environment in which one can make the most of their time in the mountains.

The mountain is an amazing place to organize an event because it offers interesting entertainment opportunities. In the warmer months, it is a place to escape the heat. It offers innovative entertainment such as – organizing nature walks and hikes; wellness sessions to take place amidst the mountain landscape. These activities can help participants start their day with relaxation and focus.

Another ideal location for a medical conference is the sea.

Its charm offers countless advantages that can enhance the overall experience for both participants and organisers. The seaside offers a tranquil atmosphere – the sound of the waves and the sea breeze are conditions for relaxation of the participants and purposeful participation. Seawater is associated with stress reduction and increased well-being. This sonic backdrop can help cultivate a relaxed mindset in participants, especially in an area as demanding as healthcare.

Coastal areas often offer a range of recreational activities ranging from leisurely walks on the beach to invigorating water sports. Such entertainment provides a refreshing break from the intensity of conference sessions, contributing to a more holistic and enriching experience.

The location of any event is of utmost importance, so it is necessary to decide whether the priority is the coastal tranquility or the innovative forest environment, because this is a factor that can influence the visitors to an event.

Both locations are interesting and offer innovations to disrupt the idea that the place of the science programme is only in the enclosed halls.


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