9 ¾ Bulgarian Bifurcation and Complex Coronary Intervention Course

Foundation Interventional Cardiology


20 - 21.02.2021




Another Bulgarian Bifurcation and Complex Coronary Interventions Course was approaching – a strictly professional event with ten years of history, created by the Bulgarian Society of Interventional Cardiology with the goal to provide world-class education to bifurcation specialists and make possible the exchange of the newest innovations in this quickly developing field.

Our clients were looking forward to their anniversary to appreciate their progress and achievements, to thank everyone who has contributed to the high level of the course throughout the years, and last, but not least, to celebrate the event in a friendly environment.

Unfortunately, in January 2021, when the course was scheduled to be, the situation wasn’t suitable for live events. That’s why we made a decision together with our clients to make the course in 2021 number 9 ¾: on one hand, we postponed the anniversary until 2022, when we were hoping that the pandemic will be under control, and on the other, we referenced Harry Potter and the parallel reality, since we decided to make the event entirely online.

The course offered an extensive lecture on the innovations in the treatment of bifurcation lesions in the past year and a presentation on their practical application. The focus of the course program in 2021 was on the in-depth examination of the role of computer tomography in the treatment of coronary artery diseases.

Only the course directors and the technical staff attended the event live in the hall. Participants watched the event in real time and actively participated in the discussions via a special platform.

The event required exceptional technical organization and precision, as it streamed not only lectures, presentations, and discussions, but also real time surgeries from Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda. We used virtual events software which facilitated navigation and improved the experience of the guests. By facilitating the communication between participants and creating a navigational space with easy access to the content of the event, the course not only met the expectations of the attendees, but in fact exceeded them.

Congratulation again for the marvelous BBC you have again organized. You are a myth!

Dr. Gianluca Rigatelli, Department of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Endoluminal Interventions, Rovigo General Hospital, Italy

I would like to congratulate your team for the perfect organisation of the event and to wish you successful upcoming events.

Kiril Valchev, Healthcare Solutions

The course directors navigated this demanding program with exceptional professionalism, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor.

Admirations for the organization of the event, which was professional in every respect.

Yana Dimitrova, Bayer Bulgaria

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