Agricultural Academy Sofia

The Agricultural Academy is a National Autonomous Budget Organization to the Minister of Agriculture and Food. It is an unified scientific structure with centralized scientific and administrative management, and research units that elaborate and implement scientific projects in the area of agriculture, livestock and food production of global and national significance.


  • to develop Bulgarian varieties, hybrids and breeds. The Academy’s research is directed towards the development of Bulgarian products with specific and unique qualities through a small boutique production with high added value in the field of agriculture, ecology, food quality, and security.
  • to develop and deepen scientific expertise in the field of: sustainable management and rational use of soil, water and fishery resources; ecology and environment protection; plant and livestock farming; fisheries and aquaculture; food and food industries; in the agrarian economy and related fields.
  • to work for the prosperity of agrarian science and education in Bulgaria.

Academy’s leading role is to strengthen the link between education, science and business, and thus to enhance the rival capacity of the Bulgarian agriculture. The priority scientific research and products are discussed together with the branch organizations, producers, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MAFF) and other end users and are regularly updated.

Presentation of Agricultural Academy


30 Suhodolska str., Sofia 1373, Bulgaria
tel.: +359 2 812 75 05, e-mail:
Agricultural Academy


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