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As a global company, we are proud of our European roots and German heritage. BIOTRONIK’s medical devices are created by engineers and designers in Germany, Switzerland, the US and Singapore with a paramount focus on quality and workmanship. This culture holds true as we continue to expand our reach and impact patient lives across the globe.

We research, develop and manufacture in technologically advanced countries – Germany, Switzerland, the US and Singapore. Due to our steadfast commitment to quality, BIOTRONIK controls the entire manufacturing supply chain. We make all of our products’ critical components. This allows us to guarantee the highest reliability, while ensuring physicians and hospitals receive products that are made by the most-qualified employees in the industry. With numerous quality assurance mechanisms in place, we believe in transparency and publish a biannual Product Performance Report, detailing how our products impact physicians and patients.


81B Bulgaria Blvd., 1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel: +359(0)2 428 16 71, fax: +359(0)2 428 16 73
BIOTRONIK Bulgaria Ltd.


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