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Corteva Agriscience™ is a leading company focused 100% in Аgriculture: high-yielding field crop hybrids, Crop Protection products, bio stimulants, biotechnology, innovative and digital tools, offering complete solutions to farmers so that they increase their yields per unit HA and the profitability of production.

With almost a century of agronomic experience, unmatched innovation investments, the best modern technologies, research and development facilities and personnel, with proved experience in working together with all in the field of agriculture, Corteva’s main goal is to raise the standard of living of agricultural producers, providing healthy food for the population and protecting the environment.

Pioneer® brand of Corteva Agriscience™ is the undisputed long-term leader in Corn and Sunflower seeds in Bulgaria. For corn, hybrids from the Optimum®AQUAmax® product line are the most preferred by Bulgarian producers. For Sunflowers, the company offers both conventional and hybrids in ExpressSun® and Clearfield® Plus technology.

For the current season, Corteva will present a rich portfolio of Plant protection products that will be successful solutions for dealing with weeds, pests and diseases on the main crops grown in the country.

Corteva Agriscience™ generates a new dynamic in Bulgarian agriculture for sustainable growth and market breakthroughs by delivering sought-after innovations in Plant protection. For the last 3 years, Corteva has successfully introduced into market completely new active substances that help farmers to increase the yields. One of them is the active substance Arylex™ Active, which is contained in Quelex® – herbicide for cereal crops and Belkar® – herbicide for rapeseed. This active substance is the first new on the market in 20 years for the control of broadleaf weeds. The other active substance is Inatreq™ active, which is contained in the fungicide for cereal crops Univoq®, distinguished by its excellent preventive, curative, and eradicant actions.


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