More than 95 years history!

The history of the company began way back in 1926 in Correggio (Italy) as “Laboratorio Farmacologico Reggiano”, founded by Giovanni Recordati.

Right now Recordati is an international pharmaceutical group, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange with a total staff of more than 4,300 employees dedicated to the research, development, production and marketing of a wide and diversified product portfolio.​

Recordati manufactures and promotes a wide range of innovative products that are presented in about 150 countries. Its portfolio includes both primary and specialized care products and medicaments for rare diseases.

The Recordati representative office in Bulgaria officially opened the doors in 2019 and has products in the following therapeutic areas- oncology, cardiology, urology, gynecology and dermatology.


бул. Ал. Стамболийски 84, ет. 8, офис 44, София, България 784 500
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