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Company Overview:

“Novimed Cardio , Ltd  was founded in 2016 as part of “Novimed Invest”, Ltd  and is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Sofia, which is in compliance with the Bulgarian Trade Law. “Novimed Invest”, Ltd was the 100 % owner of the capital of “Novimed Cardio”, Ltd.  Due to the further grow in 2020 the Company become an independent business enterprise. The Manager of the Company is Mr. Todor Petkov.

The company is developing rapidly and aims to establish itself as a Leader in the field of medical devices, equipment and service for medical establishments. Based on its professional organization, strong development programs and innovative products, “Novimed Cardio”, Ltd. quickly develops and stands beside some of the largest medical distributors on the Bulgarian market in these areas. Based on its professional staff and management organization, accurate business development programs, innovative approach and excellent contacts to KOL’s “Novimed Cardio”, Ltd. becomes one of the leading medical distributors on Bulgarian medical market. The company has ISO 9001:2015 certified and has all additional, necessary licenses to perform its activity.

The manager of the Company is Mr. Todor Petkov and from the beginning of March 2020 “Novimed Cardio”, Ltd is fully independent commercial enterprise. Mr. Petkov has a degree in economy and has extensive experience in the field of medical devices commerce and distribution for Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Radiology and Surgery.

Within the present portfolio of “Novimed Cardio”, Ltd. there are products that cover the following areas:

  • Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • General Type Hospitals/Municipality Hospitals
  • Private owner Hospitals
  • General Practicing Doctors
  • Surgery – General, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery
  • Less invasive procedures in Peripheral Vascular Disease


By offering different product lines, our aim is to serve the Bulgarian Market with a broad range of highly innovative medical products/devices which will enable the Physicians to treat their patients in the best possible way.

“Novimed Cardio”, Ltd. is one of the few companies in Bulgaria that had successfully participated in delivery and installation of Hybrid Operating Room. This project was a breakthrough in our market and further established our business position. Another uncial product that the Company is distributing for more than 15 years is the so called “Intra Vascular Ultrasound System”, (IVUS). This System is the “Gold standard” for evaluating the objective of stent implantation as per the EU Regulations of the European Society of Cardiology and this is the only one technology to measure and prove the stent deployment in cardiac diseases Patients in Bulgaria and over the world.

‘’Novimed Cardio”, Ltd. has 3 main departments: Consumables, Medical Equipment and Service. As mentioned before, each department has its own specialized sales and marketing staff. Within our teams we have people that specifically organize local legal registries, mailings, tenders follow-up, local congresses and workshops, etc. Our sales teams, together with our Customers regularly visits different international congresses, like LINC, Charring Cross, EuroPCR and TCT (USA) in order to obtain up-to-date innovations and actual news in medical field.

Our Employees:

“Novimed Cardio”, Ltd. staff consists of high-qualified professionals, many with a Hospital background and a degree in Healthcare Management, Medicine, Engineering Science, Biology, etc.

The Company continuously invests in staff training, education, product knowledge, improving sales skills and launching the technological innovations.

Our company is proud to have a group of co-workers which have excellent relations with all Bulgarian Leading Physicians. We are using also a number of independent consultants and subcontractors.


гр. София, ж.к. „Манастирски ливади” Б, бл. 65, сграда Евроцентър, ет. 2.
Новимед Кардио ЕООД


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