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The only source of knowledge is experience

Albert Einstein


we do best

We guarantee the quality of your events

Conference management

We plan, organize, conduct, oversee, and coordinate your conferences and congresses.

Digital solutions

We provide the most appropriate digital conference solutions – flexible, modern, and reliable.


We build a holistic concept of the event, tailored to your goals and capabilities.

Media and advertising

We apply modern advertising and marketing tools to attract more participants and increase their commitment.

about us

Congress Management and Events Ltd.

about us

Congress Management and Events Ltd.

Your vision. Our expertise.

Dedicated to your success


We look for solutions with honesty and conscience, and we undertake the right course of action to achieve your goals.


We fully commit to your event: maximum effort, serious experience, skills, and knowledge


We adapt flexibly to changes in the environment and create new realities through digital solutions and application of modern technologies and processes.


We are motivated by the idea of synergy – what we do is what you need.


Upcoming events


Upcoming events

25-27 May 2022
Park Hotel Moskva
Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics, BAS

A vision for the future

4-5th June 2022
Hotel Rila
Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Dermathology
25-26 June 2022
Hotel Imperial
Bulgarian Society of Interventional Cardiology
3 November 2022
European Society of Radiology / Host Organizer: N. Traykova, Plovdiv/BG

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