Организатор: Българско дружество по интервенционална кардиология
XI Конгрес по интервенционална кардиология


9-12 ноември 2023 г.


09:00 - 19:00


Гранд хотел Милениум София
Присъствено събитие

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Thank you for organizing this joint session and for inviting EAPCI to be part to your national interventional congress. It was an honor for me to be part of this important event. I enjoyed a lot our discussion on training and certification of young interventional cardiologists. I am sure that the opportunity of integrating the theoretical EAPCI certification as part of the Bulgarian certification will be mutually beneficial. Thanks a lot to Denitza for organizing all logistical aspects so smoothly. You can be proud of your congress and of the high quality of the sessions.
Eric Van Belle, Chairman of the International Affair Committee of EAPCI 2022-2024 - A branch of the European Society of Cardiology
Dear Prof Vassilev, I am grateful to you and professor Bernardo Cortese for giving me this opportunity. I also express my gratitude to you along with your team for such a warm hospitality towards me and my family too. Also it was an enriching experience for me and my family in terms of both knowledge and visiting Bulgaria.
Dr. Amit Munjal

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